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I'm Savanah! I'm a South Florida native who grew up on the Treasure Coast. When I was younger, I spent my time riding horses and running around with my brother and sister. I was drawn to videography as a child after watching my mom be interviewed by local news stations. Throughout high school, my love for videography grew, which then led me to work in local news for over seven years, to now filming anything and everything you could imagine. Of course weddings have been a main theme in my videography, but I love creating videos for a variety of things, so that I can capture all the magical moments.

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As a NPPA photojournalist, (National Press Photographers Association), I have the ability to see a story in every situation, even the most unique ones. To have an eye to spot things that not everyone would notice while filming. To Capture the emotions. The small gestures. And, to tell a story. So, what does that mean while filming a wedding? I aim to capture those little moments that go unnoticed during your big day. During all of the beautiful chaos that goes on, I make sure I get those hidden gems that may surprise you later on. 


To share what I see behind the camera and through the lens is something that will never grow old.  Everyone has a story. What better story could you ask for than a love story?

  - Savanah

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